Smart Toothbrush ‘Deca Dent’ Now Livestreams Your Brushing

woman brushing teeth

Chomp City, CC – In an age where privacy seems to be eroding faster than enamel on a candy-addict’s molars, one company is boldly taking invasion to a new depth—or should we say, a new orifice. Dental tech firm “Oral Intrusion Inc.” has just released Deca Dent, a smart toothbrush that livestreams the inside of your mouth, because, well, who wouldn’t want that?

“Our market research showed a gap,” said Oral Intrusion Inc. CEO Molar Mandy during the company’s jaw-dropping reveal at this year’s DentalCon. “People want more than just a clean mouth. They want to experience their oral hygiene as a communal event.”

Deca Dent Smart Toothbrush

To accomplish this, Deca Dent comes equipped with a high-definition micro-camera that broadcasts a real-time feed of your brushing adventure. The toothbrush even has its own social media platform, “MouthFlix,” where users can share their gum-pounding escapades.

And there’s more. Brenda Bristles, an AI commentator, adds play-by-play analysis of your brushing technique. “A little more circular motion on that incisor,” Brenda might say, or, “Ooh, excellent flossing—what a rush!”

But don’t fret about not getting enough likes or streams. Deca Dent also offers a premium service where you can hire “Oral Influencers” to watch your feed and give live commentary. For an extra fee, they’ll even react with shocked faces or applause emojis.

Celebrities have already jumped onto the MouthFlix bandwagon. A-list actor Cole Clooney tweeted a video of his molars being scrubbed with the caption, “Brushing up on my smile game #DecaDentLife.”

Parenting groups, however, have expressed concerns. “My teenage daughter is already obsessed with selfies,” said Freddy Luger, father of two. “Now I have to worry about ‘Mouthies’ too?”

Privacy advocates are also grinding their teeth over the potential misuse of the technology. But Mandy Atkins dismissed these concerns: “Look, if people are willing to put cameras in their doorbells, why not their toothbrushes? Besides, who wouldn’t want to become an overnight sensation because of their impeccable plaque removal skills?”

Meanwhile, tech analysts predict a flood of new ‘OralTech’ gadgets inspired by Deca Dent. On the horizon are the “Selfie Floss,” the “GargleCam,” and a smart tongue scraper called “ScraperStar,” which rates the freshness of your breath and posts it on a global leaderboard.

As the buzz continues to grow, the world waits with bated, minty-fresh breath to see whether Deca Dent becomes the next viral sensation or just another reason to keep our mouths shut.

Disclaimer: This article is as tongue-in-cheek as it gets—literally. Before you rush to buy a toothbrush with live-streaming capabilities, maybe just stick to the kind that keeps your pearly whites, well, pearly white.