• Yahoo! Simplifies to "Y" and Zapier Zooms Down to "Z"

    By Valley Vox on August 21, 2023

    Silicon Valley, CA - In a radical move that shocked tech aficionados and minimalists worldwide, Yahoo! and Zapier took a page out of Twitter’s book, and decided that long company names are so yesterday.  Yahoo!, the pioneering tech giant, has opted for the ultra-sleek moniker "Y", while Zapier, never one to be left behind, transitioned to the no-nonsense "Z". Industry insiders speculate that this change is a strategic move to corner the youth market, which is apparently more inclined toward companies that don't waste their time with too many letters. "Gen Z, or should I say Gen 'Z', appreciates the brevity," says Dr. Ive P. Rofits, an IG influencer with nearly 1,400 followers. As Yahoo! and Zapier dive into the concise branding pool, Alphabet — the parent company of Google — is reportedly feeling a tad verbose with its current name. Insiders whisper that the corporation is looking to pivot to simply "A", making them the front-runner in the alphabetical tech race. CEO of Yahoo!, Ida Know, at a press conference while standing next to a gigantic, lone, neon letter "Y", said, "Why say Yahoo! when you can just ask 'Y'? Our commitment to our users is to save their